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Post by The Irish scrub on Sat May 21, 2016 9:31 pm

Steam Name: The Irish scrub

Steam ID:

I have been playing on this server since it was first opened. (I can't remember when that was.)

PiLoT, bae told me to.

I'm known by at least half the server, and they don't hate me sooo...

A PK takes effect when administration decides it would be ok.

The term PK stand for Perma-kill, and it would take effect either when administration decides it would be ok, or a public amputation or suicide.

DM stands for deathmatch, and it would take place in the slums or in an event.

RDM stands for random deathmatch, and it shouldn't take place at all.

No, I am applying for staff so I can stop the minges that seem to find their way into the server every day. (I'm not kidding, EVERYDAY.)

MG means Metagaming, and takes effect when, someone presses 'Tab' and see's an offduty combine next to them so they brainwash them. When someone see's X in someone else's bio. When someone says something that gives away the area they're in or something along those lines so they use that and go there.

Bonus Questions
How sexy is PiLoT? PiLoT is very sexy.
How sexy is Rune Knight? Rune Knight Is less sexy than PiLoT but still sexy.
How sexy is Commander. Pizza roll? He's a frickin pizza roll, of course he's sexy.

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