jbird1859's application to be unpermabaned

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jbird1859's application to be unpermabaned

Post by jbird1859 on Wed May 04, 2016 9:27 pm

I got permabaned because I avoided a admin sit I left because I felt embarrassed that my attempt to try to mug someone and I have never been taught the correct mechanics for fighting and i was in a Skype call with a friend that was playing in the sever and he was telling me how to play and he was giving me false information and the I was mugging was ignoring all methods that I knew such as rolling,logic,and my friend told me I was not doing it correctly so the person was taunting me in and out of character so I got frustrated and left early due to embarrassment and no admin tried to talk to me about the what happened so in that situation it was my fault for not knowing everything fully, the other player not responding to any already known tactics that other people used, and the admins for not talking or doing anything about the situation till I left the sever and got permabaned so I wasn't notified by the admin at all so thank you for the admin or owner reading and if the permaban is lifted I would like for one of the admins to help me for other rules and mechanics of the role-play and I will talk to you soon thank you

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Re: jbird1859's application to be unpermabaned

Post by llauirescatFTW on Tue May 31, 2016 1:23 pm



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