Clutch's BMD Application

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Clutch's BMD Application

Post by Clutch321 on Tue May 03, 2016 4:56 pm

Steam Name: Clutch

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:86741576

Character Name: Michael "Stealth" Hyvoshki

How many days have you played on the server? 10 - 20 Currently

IC: Background Story: Michael was once an ordinary weapon dealer before the seven hour war. He was arrested many times but always escaped, he was a wanted criminal by the police. When the seven hour war occurred, Michael hid and when it was safe, he came out and got his Citizen files. He knew about the combine and the CCA and he lost his weapons during the war, so he could not sell. When CCA officers chased Michael because he murdered an officer, he went into the sewers and looked at his spare food he had left and survived off that. He lasted for a good month or two but he ran out of food. Michael began too scavenge the sewer system for any food, any, he eventually ran into a secret door on a wall and bumped into it and it opened up a rebel base door, luckily, he hit the exact right spot on the door. Michael was surprised that there was a resistance living next to his camp site he set up with rags of cloth and metal scraps, he came in and the rebels looked at Michael, there were multiple rebels inside, he met new people and he eventually joined the resistance. Michael started to earn much respect in the base, they went on many raid missions and he stayed alive. Michael still has the rebel relationship today and he has been in it for 5 years now. He earned a high rank and can lead a squad of rebels into scout missions or attacks. Michael has great living conditions with the resistance in the base still too this day, he used to live a rough life, he still does now, but in a good way, for a good cause he fights the combine.

IC: Why do you want to become a Black market dealer? I want to become a dealer in the resistance because i feel i am the right person to do it because, believe it or not, i was once a dealer before the war. I do have experience with selling with this new style, but again, this is a new style and deal system, but i will pick it up fast, trust me. I also know a lot of people that could get me some weapons from the outlands to supply to our fellow members in the base. I also can hide the shipments in warehouse we just built a while ago with the materials we got in our supply grab. That is where i can store all of the shipments i will sell. Most of the new rebels can also have more access to weapons for training and plus, i can help with some problems with, "Limited Weapons". I hope i am the right person to do this job and assist the problem, and always, at a price for the weapons.

OOC: Why should we choose you to become a Black market dealer? I think you should choose me because i can make for some good rp when people are buying from me and i can be an extra help to support the rebel cause by selling weapons to the rebels. I always had an urge to roleplay as one and this will be my first time, but i do know a lot of roleplay with being a BMD, so i hope you think i am the right person for the flag, thanks. (If it is needed, i will sell weapons rarely if i get accepted)

Have you played any type of seriousRP before? If yes explain what you've done there: Yes, and i have been a high ranked CCA officer (CmD) and an EOW, Along with being a rebel, along with being a super admin on one server.

What roleplaying experiences do you have?: Many, EOW on this server, EOW and OWS & OWSS on another, CCA CmD and Dvl on one, and a Rebel on multiple servers.

What is the meaning of the term 'PK', and when does it affect? Player Kill , it takes affect when you have to delete your character when some big event or rp situation that involves you being the victim to delete your character because you died IC.
Give us an example of a 'PK' situation: Bobert is captured during an attempted mug and is taken to the NEXUS for amputation, he is amputated with much RP that it is a pk, he must delete his character or change the name and restart RP (Depends on server)

What is the meaning of the term 'DM', and when does it affect? Death Match, Similar to S2RP/S2K , it takes affect when you shoot too kill in this but for a reason unlike RDM.
Give us an example of a 'DM' situation: Two parties of opposing factions are next to each other, before they start fighting, they both agree on DM/S2RP, so they shoot each other to kill with not /me or roleplay involved.

What is the meaning of the term 'RDM', and when does it affect? Random Death Match, Unlike 'DM' , and it takes affect when a player randomly with no warning or rp, kills another player.
Give us an example of a 'RDM' situation: Bobert walks up too a man and fires at his head, killing him, for no RP reason.

Give us three correct /me commands:
1. /me Looks around first to make sure nobody is looking and opens up his backpack and pulls out a pistol and hands it too the man.
2. /me Carefully places the gun on the floor and raises his hands in the air, surrendering.
3. /me Quickly draws his AR2 and reload the dark energy clip in and fires at the unaware CCA officers.
Give us three correct /it commands:
1. /it You see crates of guns, and ammo packs wrapped around in a plastic on top of the crates.
2. /it You see bullet holes in the walls, looks like it came from a Pulse Round from an AR2
3. /it Blood is all over the floor and it leads too something in the back room.

What is the difference between the following commands: /bc and /ad ? /bc (Broadcast) is used for combine only to make an announcment about something in the city. /ad (Advert) is used for citizens too use and it is mostly used to announce a shop or place is open.

What is the meaning of the term 'MG', and when does it affect? Meta Game, it takes affect when a player uses OOC information for IC actions or information.
Give us three situations that define the term MG: Bobby looks at another players name in ooc and calls the player by that name even though Bobby did not find out the mans name IC.

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