Blobfish EOW application

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Blobfish EOW application

Post by Blobfish on Mon May 02, 2016 8:48 am

Steam Name: Blobfish

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:80242177

Character Name: Jack Bently

How many days have you played on the server? My first character was made a little under a month ago.

Have you played any type of seriousRP before? If yes explain what you've done there: Yes ive played on 2 Combine Control servers and owned one myself(Skyward Gaming).

What roleplaying experiences do you have?: Over 500 hours on Gmod Darkrp, 200+ on Combine Control, 300 hours on arma 2 and 3 rp

IC: How you became Overwatch Elite: I was walking around town and a combine came up to me and asked me "How do you feel about the combine" and I said "The combine are good people". I didn't mean it but was scared if I said the truth I would be killed or jailed. I was brought to the nexus and i saw two people go into a room then soon after that i herd lots of screaming. I didn't know what was going on i thought they killed the man. The screaming stoped and he came out but didnt seem right, he was dissy and his eyes where not straight. Them someone in the room loudly said "NEXT!". I was pussed into the room told to sit in this seat and staped down. I said what is going on then the combine shushed me and then music started and was brain washed and went thought the rest of the augmentation process, and from that day on Jack was not the same.

CID: 34076

Basic RP Concepts
Tell us the meaning of each of the following RP terms, and give 3 examples for each term:

RDM- Killing somone with no rp reasoning.
1:I walk up to Joe kill him with no reason in rp.
2:I shoot somone because they say something to me ooc.
3:If I thow a grenade in a house with no rp reasoning.
FearRP- Fear of death IC
1:If a combine walks up to me with a gun out and screams WALL
2:/me me drops all weapons due to two comebine with guns pointed at me.
3:If I had a gun to my head I would listen to all orders given dew to fearRp
PK- Perma Kill
1:Someone is a rouge CCA unit and he is captured and amputated, and it is a PK
2:If the rebels raid the NEXUS any/all admins can say this is a pk event meaning if they die they must delte there char
3:If you kill the SeC at anytime they are to be pk'ed due to there high importance.
NLR- You can't remember anything that happend before your death
1:If i were to die and tell a combine who killed me
2:If somone is in a battle and dies, he respawns and he cannot come back due to NLR
3:If you find something out then you die in rp you can't remember it.
MG- Meta game is went you use ooc info ic
1:If i were to tell a friend that I was captured and he came to help off that info that is meta game
2:If i were to do ic rp in a communication program like skype or teamspeak.
3:Someone goes to rebel base becasuse they know where it is ooc but not ic.
DM- Shooting to Kill without any RP
1. Two Parties Agree to S2K and they dont RP to shoot, they just shoot each other without RP to kill.
2. Due to a rule on a server, this flag is always S2K and DM is required, you shoot it on Sight.
3. During an RP event everyone is S2K and its DM on that event everyone kills eachother without RP.

Combine Codes
Answer the following questions about Combine radio codes

"647e" Means: Anti-Citizen
"Unit is 10-8" Means: On-Duty
"10-50" Means: Patrol
"10-20?" Means: Location?
"10-79" Means: Send Overwatch
"10-1" Means: Not Understood
"11-3" Means: Stalker
"11-99" Means: Officer requires immediate assistance!
"10-78" Means: Dispatch for Officer in trouble
"10-2000" Means: Reinforcements Required Immediately.
"10-54" Means: Retreat

What is the Radio code for the location of nexus ?: NEXUS
What is the Radio code for unit taking fire ?: 11-99
What is the Radio code for "understood" ?: 10-2
What is the Radio code for "Copy That" ?: 10-4
What is the Radio code for "Citizen" ?: 10-91D
What is the Radio code for "Contraband" ?: 11-22
What is the Radio code for "Assault" ?: 11-17
What is the Radio code for "Shooting" ?: Code 31S
What is the Radio code for "Exogen Breach" ?: 11-33
What is the Radio code for "Necrotics Breach" ?: 11-34

Combine Actions

In Character you must follow rules and role-play properly. Give 3 correct /me commands that could be used when in combat with rebels.

1:/me point gun at man head and fires until he is dead
2:/me Ties Citizen with zip ties(resist?)
3:/me Hit man in the back on the head with a stunbaton until he is knocked out

Can you go Rogue as COTA?: No

Can you Roleplay as normal Human as COTA?: No

Can you talk like normal Human as COTA?: No

Can you take civil protection work as COTA?: No

What is the correct action to a citizen seen running in the Plaza?: Do nothing since you cannot take CP work.

What is the correct action to a citizen have a weapon?: Expunge because they are a threat to you, Secondary is to call assistance from a CCA officer if you

What is the correct action to a Vortigaunt being seen in the Plaza without chains?: Expunge it or call for assistance from a CCA officer to detain the biotic.

What is the correct situation to ignore CMA's orders?: A higher rank orders you too do something else, aka the SeC.

What is the correct situation to act like an Overwatch?: Guarding the nexus or Guarding the SeC or any valuable target and when with the SeC, or during AJ or JW and during raids.


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Re: Blobfish EOW application

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Re: Blobfish EOW application

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He copied off my OTA app.

gay niggers

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Re: Blobfish EOW application

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