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Divisional Ranks Empty Divisional Ranks

Post by PiLoT on Fri Apr 01, 2016 9:33 pm

UNION - Patrolling unit - patrol the streets and keep civility there, and assert authority
RAZOR - Defense Unit - responds to rebels etc.
HELIX - Medical Unit - aid injured units or citizens.
GRID - Mechanical Unit - repair scanners, choppers, turrets etc.
JURY - Interrogation/Torture Unit - delivers verdicts on prisoners, carries out interrogations, access to torturing devices.
GHOST - Recon Unit - spies and gathers information.

SWORD - Elite version of RAZOR and UNION combined.
APEX - Elite version of HELIX.
BLADE - Elite version of UNION.
JUDGE - Elite version of JURY.
SPEAR - Elite version of RAZOR.
ANVIL - Elite version of GRID.
WRAITH - Elite version of GHOST.

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