I was just framed.

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I was just framed. Empty I was just framed.

Post by Suki (Odöla Olåf Meistér) on Mon Apr 18, 2016 2:41 pm

So if you haven't figured out already, Rune demoted me from the staff team. He probably didn't tell anyone why, because he just does things without thinking. Before the map changed, Rune said Ben King had OVER a BILLION CREDITS, and he decided to blame me or Olive. So later on he demoted me because he thinks I'm the one who gave him the money. First of all, there hasn't been ONE situation where I don't OPPOSE Ben King, same with Olive. We disagree with him even being alive. Infact, Rune is the ONLY one on the staff team to defend him. If it wasn't for Rune, I would've banned him or PKd him already. Second, getting over a billion credits in 1 day is near impossible, unless you spawn it in, which I can't even do. But Rune KNOWS he is the ONLY one to defend Ben King. He only needed to blame it on someone else, which of coarse just had to be me. The one that opposes Ben King in every situation. Seriously, why the literal fuck would I give the absolute WORST player on the server, an impossible amount of money? Well there is no doubt that he definitely had the money, and at first, I suggested he was just a hacker, but Rune wanted to suggest that it was an admin. So if it was, then the only person it could've been was Rune himself, and just think about it. Rune is the ONLY staff that supports Ben King (and I've said this too many times by now). Yet, he blames the one poor trial admin that you know willn't give someone like Ben King that insane amount of money. When was the last time I gave anyone over a billion credits? Because I never have, and I never will. Why would I be the one to give someone else that much money if I dont have even 25% of what I'm giving away, for myself? How much money do YOU have, Rune? Why aren't you ever in RP? Why is your grammar horrible? Why do you permaban people for the SMALLEST reasons? I've never even permabanned anyone at all when I was staffing on Mjolnir, you permaban people all the time, and you have no common sense and dont care about anything and anyone but yourself, and you call me a badmin. Well now I'm getting off topic, but the real question here is, why are you framing me? You know damn right I didn't just decide to give some edgy ass rebel a billion credits. I dont even have that many credits myself, and you know that. Your using me as a scapegoat, and the only reason why PiLoT actually agreed, is because of other unrelated reasons. But he wasn't even thinking about a demotion until you brought it up, trying to get everyone to think I was actually the one to give Ben King the money. Either you gave it to him yourself, or he's a hacker or a hacker gave it to him. I dont know. Dont confirm that it was me, because you know it wasn't. Thanks for wasting your time reading this. I'm probably not going back on, because nobody needs me anymore.

Suki (Odöla Olåf Meistér)

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I was just framed. Empty Hi

Post by Elcabezon4 on Wed Apr 27, 2016 7:59 am

I hate conscripts


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