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Post by Your Cat on Sat Apr 16, 2016 12:35 pm

Today, I will be making an application for the URF illegal faction.

Name: URF (United Russian Fighters)

What it is:

The URF is your average mercenary group, someone hires' them, they do the job... they won't be doing many attacks, but they will be do mercenary work of course. This is also the legacy of the first russian mercenary group, where they leader died, half of them suicided... and the rest are either alive, offline... or dead.

Rank system: Like the original group, there are the three upper mercenaries... they have no extra buffs exept somewhat more authorization over the rest of the mercenaries... everyone else are pretty much equal.

Joining process:

Step1: The recruits are asked a few questions... the first one would be "Would you die for us?"
         next would be "Are you really loyal to us?" and "Are you russian blooded?".

Step2: Then, the BMD of the group (Witch I will explain later) will work out getting them either an AKM or a      MP5.... for free as an start.... later... if they wan't more.... they can buy more things from the BMD of the group

Step3: They are fully recruited into the URF.

The different roles:

For now, there will be only a few different roles... the ones will be listed below are the current ones I have thought of:

- Group BMD(This is obiously not the IC name of it): This is the main source of weaponry for the group, like I said later he/she starts the recruits off and for others, more advanced weaponry. The Group BMD gets' the most credits from the missions given just because they have to pay alot of money for it all and the group will give a good ammount of credits to the BMD for buying weaponry.

- Group Leader: Main upper merc of the upper three, they lead the squad... nothing else special about them.

- Average merc: This is (SPARTA!) your average merc, just appart of the group.

To conclude this, I would ike to say.. that please do NOT accept or deny this untill City2- Errr' I mean.. the map change happens, because I would like to map the base out there... not in City18. Please give this a chance, I am trying to keep this minimally edgy... because russians are really edgy, if there is anything you wan't to change to make the edge go down, or to fix something you don't like, feel free to do so. And Thank You For Your Time.

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