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Applying for Vortiguant Empty Applying for Vortiguant

Post by Your Cat on Sat Apr 09, 2016 1:56 pm

You must change your name to a proper Vortiguant name. - done.

You must not be an inexperienced Role Player - Very experienced

Steam Name: Your Cat

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:56198990

With this current server: Since it got up. With the community, since FireBall City45

Character Name: Xa 'Dallas

IC backround story:

In Xen Xa 'Dallas was enslaved of course, and was working hard everyday. Xa 'Dallas wasn't a loyalist to the Nihilanth but still did the work afraid of what they would do.
When the portal opened Xa 'Dallas was scared of what would be on the other side, making it himself, one of the last vortigaunts to get through the portal.

Have you played any seriousRP before, if so explain what you have done there:

I have been with this community from Fireball City45, back then I was a noob, now I am a very experienced role player. I have had ranks in the CCA up to DvL and I have had a ton of rebel characters, that have worked hard and didn't know get recruited into the rebellion and given a gun and set off. I also have had a EOW character.

What role playing experiences do you have?:

I have ranks in the CCA up to DvL like I said and alot of rebel characters mainly because it's better RP. I also have had a Elite Over Watch character before.

Explain the term PK, when does it take effect and give us an example of a PK:

PK is short for perma kill, this means that your character is killed and doesn't come back. This takes effect when someone is killed and everyone knows he/she/it is dead, or when a Admin says PK on S2K.
An example of a PK is: I was captured on my rebel character and was publicly exeuted, my name was BroadCasted out so everyone knows I am dead.

What does DM mean, when does it take effect and what is an example of DM:

DM is short for Death Match, it also means S2K. This takes effect when a raid or something like so is happening.

An example of a DM is: Loud gun shots are heard in D-6, and there is a mis-count in the plaza so the Combine turns on a Judgment Waiver and decides to enact a raid, the Civil Protection makes in into D-6 and the rebel defend in S2K or DM/Death Match

What does RDM mean, when does it take effect and give us an example of RDM:

RDM is short for Random Death Match, like DM only it has no valid reason for killing a person. It takes effect when someone engages with a person with fists or weaponary with no apparent reason or RP.

An example of RDM is: A noob joins the server (Dun' dun' 'DUN!). The noob thinks this is a Death Match server so random walks up to a officer and starts to punch him.

Give us three correct /me commands:

/me would unling her AR2 from he back and holsters.

/me would unstraps her Gasmask from her face and Straps i on her belt.

/me would take a cloth out and starts to clean his magnum.

Give us three correct /it commands:

/it An unsual noice starts to sound, it sounds slightly like a bomb ticking off but it doesn't sound as exact as that.

/it Suddenly, a headcrab would run up to Jessica and attempts to jump on her head infecting her. How do you react?

/it A athletic but not exactly muscular, asian man with black hair blue eyes and regular citizen clothes runs up to her.

What does the term MG mean, when does it take effect and give us an example of what this means:

MG is short for MetaGame. This takes effect when a person uses OOC infomation IC. An example of Metagame is: [OOC] John Hancoff: Help, please this guy is mugging me in D-6!
Julia Gandon: Hey this guy is being mugged in D-6 let's go help him.

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Applying for Vortiguant Empty Re: Applying for Vortiguant

Post by PiLoT on Sat Apr 09, 2016 6:23 pm


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