My unban. I would like it.

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My unban. I would like it. Empty My unban. I would like it.

Post by Male_07 on Sat Jul 09, 2016 10:55 pm

Hi, I was banned a while back, maybe 4 days ago. The reason was ''Go back to Dark RP where you can ass pull items, fail to roleplay, minge, S2k, Fail to roll, and be a fucking child all you want).''
I never s2k'd. I never ass pulled, or built anything. I just didn't agree with rolling, but if I must, I will. I just didn't know I was facing a perma. And I never acted like a child. If anything, Gooby was when he banned me. This was way too harsh for something I didn't do. I am very capable of serious rp, just give me the chance and I'll show you.


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