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Post by QualityOmelets on Tue Jun 28, 2016 4:21 pm

Application for Vortigaunt

Steam Name: Quality Omelets

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:83070325

Character Name: Kal'thum

How many days have you played on the server?

6 days of active playing

IC: Background Story: Kal'thum first appeared outside of the ruins of Black Mesa after teleporting in from the Resonance Cascade, he didn't want to get involved with the 7 hour war fight and decided to take refuge in a rebel outpost aiding the rebels until he the combine eventually destroyed the HQ. Kal'thum eventually moved on to the slums of city where he now resides trying to avoid the constant combine patrol.

Have you played any type of seriousRP before? If yes explain what you've done there:
I have played on Taco n Banana for a short time and was suggested to play this server by a friend. I normally played as a rebel on all my characters and sometimes a loyalist.

What roleplaying experiences do you have?:
I have played as rebel making minor offences against the combine with guns until I was eventually found and publicly amputated by the CCA. Around 500 of my Gmod hours where dedicated into Dark RP, hence my basic knowledge of the rp terms.

What is the meaning of the term 'PK', and when does it affect? PK means to be Permanently Killed( When someones character is no longer able to be used do to being killed )
Give us an example of a 'PK' situation: A rebel is knocked out after shooting 2 officers and is taken into the CCA, he would then be brought out and publicly amputated for his crimes rendering his character PKed and no longer able to be used.

What is the meaning of the term 'DM', and when does it affect? Death Match( killing someone without a valid reason )
Give us an example of a 'DM' situation: You hate a player that joins the server and decide to switch to a character with guns and shoot them down.

What is the meaning of the term 'RDM', and when does it affect? Random Death Match( killing someone just to kill them )
Give us an example of a 'RDM' situation: You have a gun and start killing everybody in spawn just for fun

Give us three correct /me commands:
/me would take the 50 credits.
/me screams in pain.
/me would attempt to shoot the CCA in the leg.

Give us three correct /it commands:
/it The cold air moves in.
/it The streets would be dead silent.
/it The rebels would make their way towards the lone CCA.

What is the difference between the following commands: /bc and /ad ?
BC = Combine Broadcast
AD = Citizen Ad for a shop ( costs ten credits to make )

What is the meaning of the term 'MG', and when does it affect? Metagaming is the use of OOC information in an IC situation( For Example: You walk up to a person who is a combine spy and instantly tell everyone even though that person never said IC that he was a spy )
Give us three situations that define the term MG:
1. A combine asset/spy tells you that they are a rebel( wearing rebel gear ). You heard in OOC that they were a spy. You then decide not to trust the person at all and tell everyone that the person is a spy IC
2. You hear someone tell you that a rebel is planning an assault on the Nexus in OOC you then proceed to apprehend that person even though you never knew IC.
3. Your friend is being mugged, in skype he tells you that he is being mugged OOC, you camp the area your friend is being mugged and jump the guy that was mugging him. ( That actually happened to me )

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